Water & Carbon Group selected to treat PFAS for US waste giant

2 August, 2023

The Water & Carbon Group, a Brisbane-based company, is revolutionising the treatment of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), often referred to as ‘forever chemicals’, in the United States. Teaming up with one of the largest waste companies in the US, their innovative LEEF System® is set to transform the treatment of PFAS.

The Water & Carbon Group’s Australian-designed LEEF System® will be deployed at a Bethlehem Landfill Company site in Pennsylvania. The company is an integral part of the Waste Connections group of companies, a dominant player in the US waste and landfill market. This strategic collaboration is a leap forward in taking proactive steps in addressing PFAS in landfill byproducts, namely leachate.

PFAS, commonly found in industrial and consumer products, have gained significant attention due to their persistence in the environment. As these products reach their end of life and are discarded, they eventually find their way into landfills. The urgent need for effective treatment methods has become paramount in the US, Australia, and globally.

Jim Hunter, CEO of the Water & Carbon Group, said he was looking forward to working in partnership with Bethlehem Landfill Company, along with trusted US firm, Leachate Management Specialists, who have been showcasing this innovative technology as leaders in the field.

“Our proven treatment solution represents a significant step forward in treating PFAS in leachate,” he said.

“The LEEF System® uses an advanced foam fractionation process and proprietary techniques to consistently achieve PFAS removal from water and high-strength wastewater such as landfill leachate.

“The LEEF System® was developed treating landfill leachate involving years of research and rigorous testing on a wide range of waste streams, including those with high levels of co-contamination. It has already achieved great success demonstrating treatment of some of the most challenging leachates in the United States.”

Matt Crockett, Engineering Manager of Bethlehem Landfill Company, said, "Bethlehem Landfill has been working with the Water & Carbon Group, Leachate Management Specialists and the LEEF System® for the past 12 months and we are excited to continue this partnership in order to reduce PFAS concentration in leachate generated at Bethlehem Landfill.”

The LEEF System® is poised to make a substantial impact on PFAS treatment in the US with the technology already deployed and working successfully at full-scale in Australia and numerous successful demonstrations carried out across seven states in the US.

Mr Hunter said the system had been fully operational in Darwin since 2022 treating 50 megalitres of leachate annually.

“The results we are achieving in PFAS removal are exceptional. Additionally, we are providing a comprehensive integrated solution in Darwin incorporating solar distillation, a treatment wetland, and a green crop for further remediation. It is an integrated and sustainable solution that can be applied to manage PFAS and other contaminants in wastewater,” he said.

For more information about the LEEF System® PFAS treatment technology, visit leefsystem.com.

About the LEEF System®

  • The LEEF System® was developed in Australia by leading environmental engineers from the Water & Carbon Group (WCG) to address PFAS contamination in water and wastewater. WCG has partnered with esteemed US firm Leachate Management Specialists to introduce this ground-breaking PFAS removal solution to the United States landfill leachate market.
  • LEEF System website: leefsystem.com
  • Water & Carbon Group website: waterandcarbon.com.au

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