Dragonfly Enviro Capital interviews Water & Carbon Group CEO Jim Hunter

10 August, 2023

Relying on the support of its investor base, the Water & Carbon Group CEO Jim Hunter shares some insights on how its partnership with investor, Dragonfly Enviro Capital, has played a pivotal role in supporting the business on its impactful journey.

In a video interview series, Jim explains how Dragonfly’s investment in early 2022 came at a critical time when the Water & Carbon Group needed funds to develop its LEEF System® PFAS treatment technology to commercialise it for the Australian and US markets.

He also talks about the challenges and successes of the flagship PFAS treatment project at the Shoal Bay Leachate Treatment Plant in Darwin, in which has revolutionised PFAS remediation using the LEEF System®.

As the Water & Carbon Group expands its horizons globally, Jim anticipates the emergence of other transformative projects.

Tune in below to find out more about how Dragonfly's investment has driven meaningful change for the Water & Carbon Group on its journey towards creating lasting impact and a legacy for future generations.

  1. Role of Dragonfly Enviro Capital

    Jim sheds light on how Dragonfly Enviro Capital has played a role in supporting Water & Carbon Group's journey towards creating lasting impact. Watch the video to hear how Dragonfly's investment has driven meaningful change for Water & Carbon Group.

  2. Trailblazing Impact and Carbon Additionality

    Delve deeper into Water & Carbon’s impact and how Dragonfly's support has fostered additionality for carbon offsets.

  3. PFAS treatment Flagship Project at Shoal Bay, Darwin

    Hear about Water & Carbon’s flagship Shoal Bay project – a leachate treatment plant incorporating a PFAS treatment solution (the LEEF System®). Jim shares valuable insights about this transformative project's potential to revolutionise PFAS remediation.

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