Painting a cultural reminder to protect the environment

6 December, 2022

Painting a cultural reminder to protect the environment

It’s not the cutting-edge PFAS removal LEEF System® that catches your eye at the leachate treatment plant at Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility – but two large murals of a Brolga and Dugong.

Painted by Larrakia artists Trent and Jason Lee, these inspired murals deliver an important message to everyone who sees them.

Jason said he and Trent had been approached by the Water & Carbon Group to create the murals, which were inspired by local wildlife.

“I think this is important for the community, and the local indigenous community, to showcase our artwork and our culture as well at this place,” Jason said.

“The other workers on site have been very positive. They really like the murals that have been put up there. They’ve been asking a lot of questions about indigenous culture. It’s been really positive and good.”

Trent welcomed the City of Darwin’s investment in a closed-loop leachate treatment system that stops wastewater from entering the local environment.   

“I’m also a tour operator, so it’s really important we can showcase our country to other people.

“We have beautiful pristine waters here, good fishing, good hunting. We eat a lot of food from the salt water,” Trent said.

“I think it’s important as a Larrakia man to manage the waste, to promote healthy country, promote the correct waterways and keep it all clean.”

The Water & Carbon Group CEO Jim Hunter said the murals were a terrific and meaningful feature on the site.

“We are here to protect the natural environment that surrounds us, and the artwork is a daily, emotive reminder of that fact,” he said.  

“I want to thank Jason and Trent, Proper Creative and the Larrakia Nation for supporting our project with the City of Darwin, and helping to mark the importance of taking steps to protect the environment from leachate and PFAS.”

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