With the Climate Change Act 2022   legislating a nationwide commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 43% below 2005 levels by 2030, and a target of net zero by 2050, there is significant and growing demand for voluntary carbon offsets. In addition, many corporations are committing to their social responsibility and sustainability objectives including net zero carbon footprint. These factors are driving demand for reputable Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) in the voluntary and compliance markets.

The Water & Carbon Group (WCG) has the experience and capabilities to develop carbon projects within Australia. We leverage our experience in reforestation, ecological restoration, carbon modelling, wastewater engineering and project management. WCG can provide a full range of carbon project services from advisory, planning, delivery, project registration through to ACCU supply.

We seek to create co-benefits in our projects, such as healthier waterways and increased biodiversity. Our experienced team is motivated to create these co-benefits from all our work and help to establish sustainable, viable and efficient green infrastructure and natural asset projects.

WCG has experience in a range of accredited carbon methodologies, including human induced regeneration (HIR), various forms of reforestation and wastewater methane capture.

Callum Howell
Carbon and Natural Capital Manager

What we do

The Water & Carbon Group offers a range of carbon project services:

  • Advisory on project options for landholders
  • Project development (from planning to full delivery)
  • Project registration and ACCU generation
  • ACCU supply from our projects for offsetting

Our focus is on land-based carbon projects (vegetation & soil offsets) and wastewater methane capture.

Corporations seeking to offset their carbon emission

Corporations seeking to offset their emissions will need to incorporate carbon credits into their strategy. This can be done by either acquiring carbon credits from a broker/supplier and/or developing your own projects.

The benefit of engaging Water & Carbon to develop your own projects enables our clients to reduce their exposure to the carbon price rise and provides opportunity to help design the targeted co-benefits, linking to communities and corporate employees.

WCG can help corporations develop and deliver the carbon projects and supply credits to offset their emissions.

Our services range from initial site assessment, through to project design, implementation, and delivery. Our expertise in reforestation, process engineering and wastewater treatment can generate valuable co-benefits, such as increased biodiversity and water security.

Our services to corporations would typically follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Discuss client’s carbon offset requirements, quantum, timing and drivers for co-benefits include direct participation and links to the corporation’s sustainability objectives
  • Step 2: Prepare preliminary proposal with sufficient detail for investment decisions
  • Step 3: Implementation and registration of project/s
  • Step 4: Registration and sales of ACCUs

Landowners seeking to establish carbon projects

Landowners have a unique opportunity to capitalise on the burgeoning carbon offsets market while improving the productivity, ecology and biodiversity of their properties.

Our immediate objective is to fully educate the landholders about the carbon market and potential project opportunities on their specific properties.

WCG is experienced in working collaboratively with landholders to identify the widespread opportunities for implementing a variety of carbon projects on their properties.

Our services range from initial feasibility assessments, through to project registration, delivery and issue of carbon credits.

Undertaking a carbon project with WCG can lead to a financial benefit with environmental outcomes as a result of improved management practices that deliver benefits for your enterprise.

Agricultural and industrial productivity can be enhanced, and income can be used to support infrastructure upgrades, pest management and land regeneration.

Carbon projects can add to your balance sheet and help you to earn a diversified and resilient income stream.

Typically, our services to landholders will follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Desktop assessment and report (go / no go preliminary report)
  • Step 2: Site-based assessment and report with sufficient detail for investment decisions
  • Step 3: Implementation and registration of project
  • Step 4: Registration and sales of ACCUs

Statement of Capability: Carbon Services

WCG’s latest Statement of Capability for Carbon Services: