The Water & Carbon Group Joins Forces with the Natural Capital Co

30 January, 2024

The Water & Carbon Group (WCG) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Natural Capital Co, signifying a collaboration that will leverage the combined expertise of both organisations to add further value to clients’ carbon projects across our respective portfolios.

This strategic partnership represents a comprehensive collaboration, delivering expert guidance and planning across carbon, natural capital, and wastewater. From advising on project feasibility to providing insights into development and management, sustainability-focused business strategies, and pathways to the effective implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, emissions reporting and accounting, offsetting initiatives, and non- financial reporting.

“Partnering with Natural Capital Co allows us to expand our carbon service offering to bring about positive change for landowners and corporations on a larger scale,"

- Callum Howell, Carbon & Natural Capital Manager at WCG.

The collaboration promises to provide a holistic approach to carbon and natural capital projects. Drawing upon WCG's expertise in wastewater engineering, ecological design, and a variety of carbon project methodologies, and combining with the Natural Capital Co's specialised focus on soil carbon, biodiversity and eco- credits, ESG, emissions reporting and accounting, and bespoke educational programs, the partnership aims to develop innovative solutions that go beyond the usual carbon project practices.

“Natural Capital Co Pty Ltd is very happy to be collaborating with The Water and Carbon Group. It has evolved from the realisation during discussions with Callum that both companies share aligned objectives and goals. Our combined service offerings are complementary, allowing us to bundle our skills, resources and experience to provide holistic project development and management for clients in the carbon, water, ESG and natural capital space. We are currently working on joint projects, which is exciting for both companies."

- Natalie Hick, Managing Director of the Natural Capital Co

Both organisations will bring a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the table to benefit agricultural, landowner, and corporate clients and there is a shared optimism about what can be achieved.

“Rather than view each other as competitors, there is much to be gained by leveraging our combined experience in the sector for the mutual benefits, particularly for clients. Each company remains independent with a cross-pollination of resources and skills to assist in cost and time savings for clients,” said Natalie.

Callum added, “By combining our strengths at WCG, such as modelling, ecological design, and environmental plantings, with the Natural Capital Company, we can create client-focused solutions that have a lasting positive impact."

Together, WCG and the Natural Capital Co are committed to a shared vision of promoting sustainable practices that balance economic, social, and environmental considerations.

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