Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland

27 April, 2021

The Water & Carbon Group’s Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland is a key component of the Logan City Council’s Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project. The wetland provides improved stormwater treatment, habitat values and flood mitigation while also enhancing the recreational opportunities in the park. The wetland demonstrates the multiple benefits which can be achieved through ecologically engineered design and strategic placement of natural assets within recreational parks.

The project has direct benefits to the local community, local environment and the health and connectivity of downstream environments including the Logan River and Moreton Bay.

Other restoration projects in conjunction with the Shailer Pioneer Park project include;

  • Revegetation and ecological restoration of 23.6 hectares of riparian land adjoining the Slacks Creek throughout Logan Shire.
  • The establishment of the new Griffith Arboretum in partnership with Griffith University will create a world-class educational, community and cultural reserve for locally and globally significant tree species.

The Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland is a constructed stormwater wetland which uses the same water treatment processes that occur in a natural wetland, to treat stormwater runoff and improve water quality. The wetland effectively captures nutrients and other pollutants during low flow events and also captures sediments and litter during high flow events, therefore actively contributing to improving water quality in the region. The wetland has been engineered to provide a sustainable method of stormwater treatment, successfully combining environmental, social and economic benefits to the city of Logan. It is estimated that the wetland will remove 300kg per year of nitrogen and 150kg per year of phosphorus from Centenary Creek, therefore preventing the pollution from reaching Slacks Creek.

Ideally located near popular parkland, the wetland, while performing its water treatment function, also provides habitat, food and nesting opportunities for many native bird species (including Magpie Geese, Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, Swamp Hens and Wood Ducks) therefore contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in the region.

The wetland has been incorporated into a user friendly design, including boardwalks, bridges and viewing decks which provide an ideal recreational setting in a natural environment. The wetland effectively compliments and enhances recreational opportunities in Shailer Pioneer Park and surrounding suburbs.

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