Griffith University Environmental Arboretum | Infographic

27 April, 2021

The Griffith University Arboretum and Riparian Restoration was uniquely designed by the Water & Carbon Group to restore riparian vegetation along the Logan River and  transform 9.5 ha of unused ex-pastoral land into a visually appealing land-based asset that provides educational, amenity and passive recreational benefits.

Aside from being regularly used by the students and staff of the university, the arboretum also facilitates a number of interpretive walks as part of the Logan Eco-Action Festival (LEAF), along with several other environmental events. A community group was developed surrounding the project (Slacks Creek Catchment Restoration Group) with an aim to promote the long term viability of the site through regular maintenance and continued plantings. All community members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in site activities.

The arboretum is another prime example of how degraded land can be transformed into an important ecological asset that brings added value to the community.

Creating a lasting positive impact on the environment.

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