Sundrop Farms

27 April, 2021


The Water & Carbon Group (WCG) has recently commissioned our low energy, eco-friendly, wastewater treatment system for Sundrop Farms, a tomato growing greenhouse facility at Port Augusta. WCG was contracted to design & construct the system to treat the following wastewater streams:

  • Sanitary sewage from the 200 no. (approx.) workers (toilets, basins, showers, lunch-room sink, laundry)
  • Irrigation Backwash
  • Chiller drainage water

The waste water is pumped from the above sources to a series of anaerobic baffle reactor tanks, then siphoned & gravity fed, in dosing increments to a lined, gravel & sand filled, vertical flow wetland. The water then filters through the gravels & sand in the wetland to a drainage system at the base of the wetland, which gravity feeds to a pump station where the treated effluent is then distributed to shallow gravel absorption trenches. The John Holland Group were the head contractor & WCG were the design & construct sub-contractor. The project went very successfully, being constructed ahead of schedule & on budget.

This system is a great example of WCG ability to design bespoke systems to achieve the holistic outcomes for the client. This type of wastewater treatment system is suitable for many situations such as small villages and remote mining camps.

Creating a lasting positive impact on the environment.

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